Tech FAQ

Is the HNG technology verified independently?

Yes. Licensed inspectors in Sweden have tested HNG.

HNG will continue to be validated for each new application developed.

Is HNG protected by patent?

Patent application is filed in Sweden and a world patent application will be filed based on the swedish patent application and date. Under Swedish patent law, the filing is held as a confidential, non searchable filing for 12 months. After which time the patent application can be viewed by the public.

Will HIT apply for worldwide patents for HNG?


How was HNG discovered and developed?

The initial research was based on theoretical science postulation about the hidden properties in water and hydrogen.

Several years of research and experiments validated the theory and in 2005 with the adoption of certain nano technologies the researchers had their major break through.

How is HNG produced?

Most of the process involved in generating HNG is proprietary information.

Using a combination of water, catalytic reactor plates, nano technology and specific electrical resonance sequences a process is initiated that splits the hydrogen molecules in a very specific way that, after a further proprietary process, creates the Hydro Nano Gas.

How many applications are there using HNG?

Currently there are 4 main applications but there are several more in pre development phase that will be announced later.

Will HIT develop more applications using HNG?

Yes, research is ongoing with much more to discover and develop.

Does HNG really neutralize every pollutant?

The technology captures all the pollutants and either neutralizes or transforms some of the elements into other states that can be used in nature.

Is HNG produced, stored and transported to site?

HIT proprietary technology enables HNG to be generated on demand, on site. There is no storage or transportation of the HNG.

Does mainstream science support the findings of HNG?

Mainstream science is multi disciplined with diverse fields of research and knowledge. In certain specific areas of science, the discoveries are acknowledged and understood, especially in the field of nano technology.

Is HIT the first company to discover and develop what you call Hydro Nano Gas?

From what is already in the public domain and to the best of our knowledge, HIT is the only company that has developed HNG.

Will HNG ever be developed for use in the domestic markets?

Yes. Research and development of new applications never ends.

HNG has multiple possible applications for the domestic markets. Wherever there is any combusting process happening, HNG can be used.