Solutions using HNG Applications

Defining the problems

There is a shift happening in the global climate change debate.

The use of fossil fuels will continue to increase in the coming years.

The positive economic impact from fuels generated from fracking will be a key factor in determining climate policies around the world in the next decade.

In several regions of the world, burning coal to generate power will also continue to increase as long as the cost of extracting the coal continues to be the most economical / profitable option.

Economies will continue to be a major factor that determines climate change policies.

The climate change problem will also continue to increase, as more pollution and green house gases are created from burning fossil fuels.

The interlinked chain of costs to completely replace the burning of fossil fuels with more clean and sustainable options is beyond the financial resources of even the richest nations.

This dilemma requires a new approach with safe, cost effective and smart solutions.

But how ?

The solution is to make any fossil fuel CLIMATE NEUTRAL

The HNG solution

Using HNG technology sustains the separation of ENERGY DEMANDS from CLIMATE DEMANDS.

Using HNG technology protects the massive investment in fossil fuels while keeping the infrastructure intact.

Using HNG technology supports the timeframes involved to further develop and deploy alternative, clean solutions that meet the economic investment and infrastructure demands of the coming years.

Using HNG technology enables the capture and elimination of air pollution while resolving the issues linked with the splitting of climate change from the type of energy sources used today.

Using HNG technology is highly cost effective and efficient. Emission fees in the climate tax regulations cover the capture and elimination of air pollution.

HIT continues to research and discover ways to apply HNG to help meet and provide solutions for several of the most critically urgent challenges in the climate change / environmental global arena.