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About HydroInfra Technologies

HydroInfra Technologies HIT-I publ AB is a company founded in Stockholm, Sweden.

HIT is a Clean-Tech innovation company.

HIT has innovated a solution called HydroNano Gas ( HNG ) that safely & effectively neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions.

Swedish patent registration number: 1400235-6


The HIT innovation story begins in the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s when the HIT founder was engaged in finding clean fuel solutions for engines running on gasoline and diesel.

During that period, Hydrogen became of special interest – specially breaking the atomic boundary of H2O, water.

The research work of Professor Yuan Tse Lee inspired HIT founder Sven Erik to venture further into the fields of hydrogen atoms and diatomic alkali.

Professor Lee won the Noble Prize in 1986.

Sven Erik, took on the task of further research & development with the aim of discovering real world applications based on his discoveries.

To achieve this he gathered a team of skilled engineers to study the mysteries of water & hydrogen.

Their initial goal was to discover a way to eliminate as much pollution as possible when fossil fuels are burned.

Their research took them further and deeper in a quest to crack the code hidden within hydrogen.

In late 2012, after years of research & experimentation, they finally cracked the code and are now bringing their discoveries to the world as Information Technology via joint venture partners.

Using HNG in power plants, shipping & other industrial processes that create pollution will create a cleaner, healthier environment…now and in the future.