Company FAQ

What does HIT do?

HIT is a clean tech innovation provider. HIT has developed and continues to develop practical applications using a core technology called Hydro Nano Gas.

Does HIT manufacture or produce a product?

HIT has developed the technology ( HNG reactor ) that produces a substance we call Hydro Nano Gas ( HNG ).

HIT shares the technology know how with partner companies.

The partner companies will produce, deploy, install and maintain the technology hardware ( HNG Reactors )

How long has HIT been operating?

HIT became a public company in April 2014. Prior to that HIT was a private company. HNG technology research & development has been in process for several years before HIT was created as a legal entity.

What is the long-term vision & strategy of HIT?

HIT takes a long term view to deploying and embedding HNG technology into several industries.

Finding and forming joint venture partnerships is at the core of the HIT business model.

Will HIT be listed on a stock exchange?

HIT has already been offered a listing on the Frankfurt exchange. This offer was declined because the founders wanted to put more value into HIT with joint venture deals before deciding on the best way forward that best serve HIT shareholders / stakeholders.

How do I buy shares?

Investors have 2 ways to buy shares.

If you have a share dealing account with your bank or a broker, you can instruct them to buy shares. Your bank / broker will need to be linked to the EuroClear platform.

If you do not have a share dealing account or an account linked to the EuroClear platform, you can contact HIT directly to arrange to buy shares from HIT shareholders.

In either case, please register your shareholder account with the HIT back office. Click on the INVESTOR navigation tab then use the CREATE ACCOUNT link to access the back office sign up page.

How do I sell shares?

If your shares are held with your bank / broker share dealing account, you will instruct them to sell shares.

If you have opted to use the nominee managed account held with the HIT broker, you will need to instruct HIT when you wish to sell shares.

All details about buying and selling shares can be found in the HIT shareholder back office.

What types of shareholders does HIT have?

HIT has attracted several types of shareholders ranging form small, medium and larger investors passionate about the environment to speculators looking to make profits in the short, medium and long term.

What will HIT shares be worth in the short, medium and long term?

That will be determined by several factors. While no one can predict the future, analysis of HIT potential does indicate significant growth value in HIT shares.

How will HIT go global?

HIT has the potential to have a global reach by working with joint venture partners. This takes time to establish projects with the right partners.

HIT takes a view over several years to develop and establish a secure market presence in multiple regions & countries servicing specific industries via Joint Venture partnerships.