Market FAQ

How big is the potential market for HNG?

Every cubic meter of smoke being pumped into the air is a potential revenue market for HIT.

Every polluted body of water form oceans, rivers, lakes and even aquariums is a potential market for HNG.

Wherever there is any combustion process happening is a potential market for HNG.

The potential global market is so large that the question becomes meaningless.

Are governments interested in supporting the use of HNG?

Political agendas are becoming more aligned with the long-term vision of HIT.

Over time, as HNG deployment becomes more standardized and the economic / political agendas become more aligned with effective climate change action, we can expect to see new supportive initiatives being taken by more forward looking governments.

Does the deployment of HNG pose a threat to certain vested interests?

HNG is not a threat to any industry or economic / political dynamic.

HNG is an adaptive technology that can benefit all industries, markets and levels of society.

How long does it take to set up a joint venture?

From 6 months to over a year.

What is the potential market value if HNG was deployed globally?

Calculating an exact figure for all the potential global markets where HNG can be used is an almost impossible task.

Conservative estimates are in the hundreds of billions of Euros annually.

Some assumptive projections will be provided in the HIT investor memorandum due to be published in September 2014.

How long is it estimated to take for HNG to be deployed and used globally?

HNG can be used in several industries and markets. Each market has its own entry time cycles and processes.

The technology and know-how is ready and available for deployment.

Some markets will take 1 to 3 years while others will take up to 5 years.

Entry into the various markets is concurrent with parallel / overlap deployment.

How ready are the global markets to accept and adopt the use of HNG?

Some markets / industries are ready and in dire need of HNG technology now to ensure their continuance.

Other markets / industries will take time.

Does HIT have competitors?

Currently there are no known competitors who have developed or use Hydro Nano Gas technology.

What does HIT look for in a JV partner?

HIT looks for JV partners who share the long term vision of HIT and have the resources to deploy HNG into their respective markets.

While speed to market and protection of markets is fundamental to the success of HIT, working with the right partners is just as important.

HIT is open to enter into meaningful collaboration discussions.

HIT seems to support the fossil fuel industry; why?

HIT takes a pragmatic approach in helping to manage global environmental issues.

Fossil fuels will continue to be used for many decades. The issue is not in burning fossil fuels. The issue is the pollution created when fossil fuels are burned.

Hydro Nano Gas provides the solution by eliminating / neutralizing the toxic cocktail of pollutants created when fossil fuel is burned.

The future will see many new innovations in clean, sustainable energy. But until the time comes when such solutions are accepted and adopted globally, fossil fuels will continue to be used.

These are self-evident financial factors that will drive the innovation process to deliver practical, efficient and economically viable solutions.

Meanwhile, HNG will be used as the bridging solution to make any fossil fuel carbon neutral and clean.

HNG is not the ultimate answer. It is however a solution that will be utilized for several decades until clean technologies are adopted globally that can generate power without pollution.