News update November 2015

Technology development

During the last year we have been working on refining and improving the technology.

Our aim was to develop HNG as a more cost effective fuel injection system that can be directly  injected into a coal fired combustion chamber in combination with the smoke capture and scrubber system.

This core system has been developed and is being tested.

Initial testing and models are showing a much more cost-effective system.

During this research phase, we also innovated a method to produce HNG in a liquid form that can be applied directly as an eco-fuel additive.

The liquid-based HNG is being tested on all fuel types with very positive results.


During the last year we have been engaged with representatives and delegations from China. We have worked together on the development of a far reaching program backed by the Chinese government authorities to introduce and deploy HNG system applications into and across China.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an initial agreement to begin a 3 phased program in collaboration with partners backed by China.

Phase 1
An education and visitor center for all the HNG technology applications will be created in Stockholm.

Our HNG Edu-Center will be a facility used for ongoing development, testing and training. Live demonstrations of HNG appplications will form an important part of the work at the center.

The facility will host live events for business visitors and the media including special events open to the public interested in seeing what HNG technology can achieve.

HNG pollution control, water treatment and biogas generation from waste water & garbage will be available for visitors to experience.

Work on creating the facility will begin in December 2015. We project the center to begin operations in March / April 2016

Phase 2
Installation of HNG pollution control system will begin in China during September / October 2016.

This pilot phase is projected to take 6 months to complete the installation and testing.

Phase 3
Phase 3 is projected to commence by the spring of 2017

This final phase will be a full deployment on HNG technologies across China and will include power plants and other coal / oil fired facilities, water and waste management treatment.

HIT has ongoing potential collaboration projects in several other countries involving government programs and industry. These processes are at different phases of development. Information about these ongoing projects will be presented and updated in future news announcements.