HIT in the USA

During the last quarter HydroInfra Technologies USA has been very active in expanding its United States network of contacts. Many interested parties have expressed strong interest in working with HIT to bring the technology into several markets.

HIT is in the final phase of joint venture talks with a project based at the NASA space centre in Florida. The project has been engaged in developing hydrogen-based technology. This collaborative initiative would integrate the best developments of both companies with a focus on the global power production industry. They have excellent relationships established with the United States Department of Energy, NASA, The Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and several significant U.S. Electricity Producers. EPRI is a key participant in the development of power plant design standards in the United States. The joint venture would accelerate the deployment of HNG technology into power plants and other industries in North America and would, after the approval process is completed, receive support from several government agencies. The joint venture would be developed via HIT USA and be based at the NASA space centre in Florida.

The Empire State Development Agency (State of New York) has proposed future meetings with NYS Power Authority and the New York State Energy Research Development Authority. They also will facilitate introductions with a New York State Power Producer who would be a candidate to become a reference plant and a significant Chinese Power producer who has been evaluating potential U.S. acquisitions. The latter may be an avenue to establishing a business platform in China.

The Texas Sustainable Research Institute (University of Texas San Antonio) has expressed interest in holding a more in-depth review of the HNG technology and will participate jointly with the Southwest Research Institute. Both are valuable advocates and sources of referral to the Texas energy sector.

A relationship with a U.S. Law Firm has been established focused on filing the necessary documents to register and operate the HydroInfra Technology USA subsidiary. They also will facilitate United States Federal Government meetings in the future as they are warranted.

Meetings were held with a Florida-based company focused on the development of ocean wave power. They are interested in co-developing a delivery system that will introduce HNG into contaminated water bodies that apply wave motion energy and the HIT technology to rejuvenate dying ecosystems.