The story so far…

Back in 1986 I had the pleasure to meet and discover the work of Nobel prize winner Professor Lee.

I had no idea that these events would be a catalyst propelling me on a journey that would eventually lead to the innovation of HNG.

Researchers operating on the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries generally do not have an easy time of it.

Mainstream science tends to shun and ignore this breed of scientist and bumping into them at parties is their worst nightmare.

Armed with almost zero funding and an abundance of faith our journey took us down many paths and twisting roads that lead to nowhere.

Such is life when you are engaged in trying to unlock the mysterious secrets of water and hydrogen.

But our vision was clear and the goal was set.

We set ourselves the task of finding a way to produce a substance from water that would neutralize the toxic cocktail created by pollution emissions.

So I gathered together a small group of researchers & engineers who could set aside their skepticism and we began the work.

Water, water everywhere!

The water that we all take for granted exhibits fascinating properties depending on how you affect it. Water freezes, water conducts electricity, water evaporates, water is pure and natural and contains 2 basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen.

Splitting water is not rocket science. It is a known science, but the energy costs to perform this splitting outweigh the energy one gets out of the hydrogen when split from the water molecule H2O. And this is where mainsteam science usually close the book on the subject.

So we thought & pondered about how, in an energy efficient way, water could be split. We tested, experiemnted and then experimented some more….and after many years of not get invited to the sort of parties that other researchers get invited to, we found that the water molecules line up in a certain structure. If pulsed with an energy at a given moment, the water molecules would divide at very low energy input.

We ended up with a gas that behaves in extraordinary & measurable ways.

We decided to call this new discovery; HYDRO NANO GAS.

The big WOW !

The production of this highly potent gas is fairly straight forward. Metal grids are immersed in water. Power is supplied to the grids and an atomic reaction begins….and voila, we produce HNG with no pollution, no chemicals, low heat and low energy.

So we were off. We had cracked the code and figured out how to produce this stuff we call HNG.

The next step was to test what would happen when HNG was used in different fuel burning processes.

This next part of our journey was nothing short of mind blowing for all of us. Which went a long way to compensate for our years of work and lack of party invitations.

Our experiments were producing revolutionary discoveries. The most remarkable of these is the reduction of sulfur and soot from the emissions of burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

We knew we had a product that would be a game changer…if we could get it out there.

So during the latrer part of 2012, we have started to share our knowlwdge & discoveries regarding sulfur emissions from burning fossil fuel specifically as it applies to the marine and power industries.

Burning questions & solutions.

Two thirds of the world’s electricity is produced by burning coal, gas or oil. As countries begin to turn away from nuclear energy and as instability causes uncertainty in the oil market, coal remains the most convenient “home grown” fuel available for most countries.

But the environmental issues and concerns are growing to strongly oppose burning coal & oil to generate power.

This is creating a stand-off which has led to authorities worldwide strictly imposing extremely tough sulfur standards on these industry. This is causing an unbearable squeeze on these industries, many of which will not survive. For instance 1200 coal fire power plants in the USA are scheduled to be closed due to these more strict environmental regulations.

The usual method for cleaning these emissions (scrubbers) is very costly both in terms of installation and maintenance. The end results are not very effective and leave a toxic brew that still needs to be dealt with somehow. Therefore the coal and oil industries have been very excited to learn about our HNG.

Scrubbing with HNG

We observed early in development that HNG burns intensely hot without providing any residues other than water. Recent tests show emissions from heavy fossil fuel is visually eliminated with the introduction of a very small amount of gas.

Lab quality tests confirm that sulfur is indeed dramatically reduced to extremely low levels. Further, when HNG is bubbled in water with the emission running though the water, the emission are neutralized. The results are amazing.

The flame provides a hotter more efficient burn of the source fuel while eliminating soot with high reduction in sulfur levels. Putting the emissions through a chamber of Hydro Nano gasified water causes the toxic substances from the burning of fossil fuels to have “disappeared” to a fraction of what they were to a level where nature can easily handle the residue.

HNG contains its own oxygen sufficient for the burning process. By inserting the gas into the exhaust we make usable the waste energy, normally released to the atmosphere, to be reburned. Therefore a closed loop system where exhaust is lead back into the burning process and no emission are released is our achievable goal. Because of the reuse of waste energy thus lowering fuel consumption, the installation and running cost of HNG is covered by the savings in fuel. In other words “no out of pocket costs.” .

HNG is proving to be a groundbreaking discovery for emission reduction world wide.

The implementation of our technology requires no major infrastructure change. Prefabbed containers are drop loaded and fit together relatively easily on site in a matter of weeks. Time-consuming and energy-intensive scrubbers can be replaced with HNGmuch more quickly and more efficiently than any known alternatives on the market today.

So there you have it…our story so far.

Our journey continues as we bring HNG to the world via joint venture partners.
Mainstream science is taking notice and wanting to get involved.
Governments are looking seriously at the solutions we have created.
Power plants and shipping will benefit from those solutions.

And now we don’t have time to go to all the parties we are now getting invited to.

Ah well !

Sven Erik. HIT Founder